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We have over 75 years of experience as a company building brand identity, increased sales dollars along with improved communications. We work with start-up companies as well as established major brands to accomplish pre-established goals whether building brand recognition, building sales dollars, building new or improving existing distribution channels, adding or improving e-commerce solutions such as web site design and maintenance, improving customer communications, offering incentive programs which are action specific, or managing the entire marketing and sales department.

We currently provide valuable service solutions to a number of nationally recognized companies that meet a variety of their needs. We are results oriented and customer driven! Call us today at (800) 723-8787 Ext.101 to find out how we can benefit your company.


  • Customer Profile
    • Product Opportunities / Product Offering
  • Industries
  • Market Segments


  • Profile Competitors
    • Market Share
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Programs
    • Market Share
  • Profile Manufacturer
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
  • Outside Threats

Develop sales & Marketing Program

  • Domestic / International
  • Advertising
    • National Program
    • Co-Op-Distributor
    • Direct Mail
  • Product Offering
    • Exclusivity
    • Packaging
    • Patents?
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Branded vs. Non-Branded
    • Pricing Strategy
    • E-commerce / Internet
    • Trade Associations
    • Trade Shows
    • Initial Order Requirement
    • Volume Discounts
    • Payment Terms
    • Prepaid Freight
    • Promotions
    • Return Policy
    • Sample Policy
  • Cost of Sales
  • Sales Materials
    • Catalogs
    • Price Lists
    • Policy/Sales/Training Manual
  • Performance
    • Delivery / Fill Rate
    • Product Guarantee
    • Defective Product
  • Cost of Sales
    • Direct
    • Indirect Sales Force
    • Rep Agencies – Sales %


  • Communications
    • Advertising – Print / Radio / TV
    • Banners
    • Brochures
    • Corporate Identity
    • Counter Mats
    • Multi Media Presentations & Duplication
    • Newsletters
    • Wall Posters
    • Press Releases
  • Customer Service
  • Credit / Collections
  • Policy / Sales / Training Manuals
  • Tracking & Reporting Systems
  • Reporting Forms


  • Interview Salespeople / Screen Rep Agencies
  • Employment / Rep Contracts
  • Training
  • Competitive Information
  • Advisory Council


  • Goals / Budgets
  • Target Accounts
  • Monthly Performance Evaluation
  • Bonus Incentive Plan
  • Promotions


  • Overall Sales Performance
  • Individual Rep / Agency Performance
  • Profitability
  • Review Current Product Offering
  • Review New Products
  • Average Fill Rate Performance
  • Reward Dollars / Premiums
  • Employee & Sales Awards



  • MANPOWER - Employ a strategically located experienced sales force.
  • DISTRIBUTION - With such a large geography, target strong distribution partners who cover specific regions to allow for product availability everywhere.


  • KNOWLEDGE - Know the company, their products, the industry, and their competitors. Analyze the competitors to realize your strengths and their weaknesses. With this knowledge, focus your marketing efforts on the areas that will generate the most success and greatest long term return for our customer’s marketing dollars.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Add an additional revenue stream through unique new product launches backed by market analysis and consumer testing.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - We understand our customers are the key to our business success! We set our bar high because if we don’t perform at a high level, we can’t provide our customers the edge they require.

    We employ high tech equipment to maintain excellent communications to our customers and theirs. We offer toll free wats lines for both phone & fax. An automated voice mail system allows customers to leave messages 24/7 for any of our personnel.

    Our marketing personnel come from diverse backgrounds with experience in many different industries. Fresh ideas come at No Additional charge!

    Staff graphic artists armed with Adobe PhotoShop CS2, true professional design software, provide unlimited creativity for any new design projects or maximum impact advertising for more mature products. Catalog & Web design services are also available.

  • PRINT / PUBLISHING - With our marketing ideas, marketing personnel, print and publishing capabilities, catalogs, custom flyers, or monthly newsletters are a part or our offering. Newsletters can be by sent bulk mail, fax, or electronically to an unlimited number of individuals. We also offer daily FedEx & UPS pickup services.


  • EXPERIENCED - Hire an experienced sales force with existing customer relationships.
  • LEADERSHIP - Work in the field with your sales force and distribution partners to establish new customers, build market share, and develop stronger business relationships.
  • DEFINE PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS - Establish specific job responsibilities for each individual within the organization to avoid any misunderstandings about individual’s responsibilities. Establish the company’s performance requirements with regard to quality, finished goods inventory, order fulfillment, and sales goals by quarter and year.

MEASURE RESULTS Set specific sales goals by territory and offer performance based income and/or premium incentives. Have the sales force report customer contacts, actions, and results on a regular basis. Expect and Inspect! Build customer loyalty and brand awareness by making use of promotional items as a part of sales promotions. Reward excellence with awards & gifts to not only company personnel, but also to individual distributors.

  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED - We believe the customers’ satisfaction is the most important part of any successful venture because without it, we have no repeat business.
  • RELATIONSHIPS - People buy from people they trust. Be fair in all business dealings. Respect every customer and the trust and confidence they place in us! Never betray their trust by always offering and providing quality products & services!

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