Brand Building

A company’s brand is its unique identity which differentiates it from the competition. A strong, recognizable brand builds trust within the marketplace and adds value to a company’s products and services.
McEwen Cherry can help your company develop a unique and cost effective Corporate Identity Program to strengthen your brand’s recognition. Our vast network of resources allows us to offer you the products you need to make an impact on your customers and business partners.

We also offer turnkey catalog programs to promote your brand merchandise.

Promotional Merchandising

McEwen Cherry is a very large provider of branded merchandising – this gives us an advantage over most of our competitors because of our size and experience:

  • Larger Buying Ability
  • Unique Product Offerings
  • Fast, Reliable, GUARANTEED Service
  • Call Center, E-commerce, and Catalog Support
  • Custom Customer Merchandising Catalog Programs

Our experienced team can help you develop, distribute, and manage a brand merchandise catalog program that will ensure consistent usage of your Corporate Identity. You can feel confident your brand will be properly promoted. Your custom catalog is a great yet simple way to include your distribution partners, franchisees, and dealers and generate additional revenue to support your corporate program.

Our turnkey programs take your catalog from creative development to delivery of product.

Online E-Commerce

Partner with McEwen Cherry and add e-commerce to your brand building programs. Customize the look and feel of your e-commerce web store to present a consistent corporate image and seamless presentation.

Co-Branding Opportunities

If you are looking to promote your corporate brand in conjunctions with business partners, dealers or distributors contact Helm.

Our programs offer a turnkey solution that manages ordering, imprints, fulfillment and billing.

Involve Distribution, Dealers & Customers

Promote your brand and your distribution partners and dealers at the same time. McEwen Cherry co-branding programs include on-demand custom imprints for your business partners & dealers, co-op billing, and program management.

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