He was affectionately known as Colonel "MAC".  J. McEwen Cherry, a hard driving gregarious, Scotch-Irishman, took as much pride in attaining his army rank as a Bird Colonel as he did in his successful family business. Founded in 1928, The McEwen Cherry Company, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee weathered the economic dislocations of the 1930's, survived two world wars, and grew and prospered.

At the outset, there was only one salesman in the business, and that was Colonel "MAC". He worked the entire Southeastern region of the USA, traveling by train, and his normal territory swing took six weeks to complete. Colonel Mac's initial customer's products included top material for cars (most which didn't come with a top), headlights (optional accessory), and wood cabinets to fit around home radios.

In the ensuing years, Colonel Mac had a son, Robert T. Cherry, who came into the business in 1958, following a career as an air force pilot. Colonel Mac had eight years to train his son prior to his death in 1966. And his training bore fruit as the McEwen Cherry Company continued to grow and prosper.

Robert T. Cherry, Jr. came into the business in 1981. He began as a salesman working his way up to President in 1994. He continues the tradition of the McEwen Cherry Company and orchestrates the activities of the McEwen Cherry marketing and sales force. He has served on multiple national & regional trade association's Board of Directors beginning with the Mid-South Automotive Booster Club as Treasurer and then Secretary in the early 80's. After spending several years on the Board, he worked his way up to President of the PBEA Rep Division. He has been on the Boards of the PBEA and PBES Div. of AAIA as well as a member of numerous manufacturers' Rep Councils.

In 1999, we started our promotional products division that has been instrumental to our company's overall dramatic growth during the past five years. We exclusively distribute such high quality name brand lines as Ashworth, Callaway, Coach, Colorado Timberline, Cutter & Buck, Gear for Sports, TRG Group, Tumi, Victorinox (Swiss Army Brands), Waterford, and Zippo.

The McEwen Cherry Company today is a different company from the one founded in 1928. An era of stable growth has been our secret. We currently offer graphic design, brand merchandising, communications, decorated apparel, fulfillment programs, printing, imprinted promotional products, consulting services, and marketing programs to complete your sales & marketing efforts. We have provided our services to many current clients for over ten years.

We aggressively cover the entire US and many foreign markets.
The average age of our sales force is 40 years and the average tenure of our employees is twelve years. Since 1928, we have been determined to carry the highest quality products providing the greatest value to our customers around the country and the world!

Has your company's current marketing plan failed to produce the desired results? Need to try something different? Do your marketing requirements out pace sales growth? We aggressively cover all industries and all channels of distribution in the US and foreign markets. We are proud to offer MARKETING SOLUTIONS and proud to carry on the tradition of Colonel "Mac"!

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